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Find a place of peace & embrace it

" I never said how far I will go.
I never said how long it would take me to get there.
I just try not to place limits on myself."


About Me

I was born into a large family. Six sisters and three brothers. Raised by my biological parents; Alene and Kahriem. The first fifteen years was hard. From being emotional and sexually abused. I was a very sensitive, emotional and sometimes truly a wried child. ( and still a little & light) I have always been a girly, girly. I love make-up, getting my nails & hair done, fashion and flair. My personal appearance means a lot to me. 

I was a nerdy, "nerd" in school, shy and to myself a lot of the time. But I have always knew since an early age, how much I had a passion to understand how the human mind works. 


Silvia Landrum, LPCS

I am very proud to say, I come from a strong family system, My parents are still loving and living together strong. The youngest daughter, out of the ten children. I am the one who completed a lot of the first(s) in my family. But, we will get to that later. My oldest siblings are as follows: Vicki, Renee, Eli, Lisa, Debbie, John, Betsy and Amberia. Then me. I am number. nine. And saving the best for last, my younger brother Jarmeen. Me and my siblings has always been very close. Growing up, we lived well below the property line. So we spent most of out time together and entertaining each other. And, today, we still do the same. We are. always bringing our families together, for fun, making new memories and events. 

The Family is God's greatest Masterpiece......

A graduate from Webster University with an MA degree in Counseling. I completed her undergraduate work at Lander University in Psychology with an Emphasis in Counseling. I am a native of Spartanburg, SC and made my home in Greenville County in 2008. I have fifteen years of experience working in mental health services and social services. I opened my private practice in 2014, and in 2016 was accredited by CARF as a full service Outpatient Mental Health Treatment Facility.

Love & Light

Both my parents and my grandmother taught me how to love. But, it was my grandmother who taught me how the light inside of me, was God. And how believing in and accepting God into your life, would always make everything alright. And, how you can always look on the bright side of life by logically thinking threw your problems. "LOL", she. also taught me. Sometimes you may have to throw a brick threw a car window to get your point across. We all live and learn. Annie Bell Stevens-Bates didn't play. (In-loving memory) Thank God, am better. 

I got married at a very young age, "Seventeen",  to my high school sweetheart Roderick. Even though we have been threw many life changes moments and experiences together. Our life together is never boring or complicated. I love him, as a part of my soul. So, nothing but God, keeps our family bonded and strong. We have five handsome young men; Dalwin, Zaire, Nigel, Roman and Razi. We are definitely, not prefect parents, but for sure our boys is the essence of a partnership on Adam & Eve. 

"What God Has Put Together Let No Man Put Asunder "


Amplified and Ryhtematic 
Everyday my focus is to be better today, then I was yesterday. I am more than the obvious, I have a serious "love" of knowledge and learning how to move my unconscious thoughts to build my conscious awareness for living life to it's fullest. My hobbies are; Reading, writing in my journal, shopping for sure, meditation and energy work, spas, self-care exercises, hanging out with my siblings, family time and date nights. 

I am a certified Yoga Instructor

Manifestation for me, is the name of the game. I believe I am only limited by my thinking. 

"Start each day with a clear intention and elevated emotion."

                                                                       Dr. Joe Dispenza 


Letter To My Grandma,.....
Grandma, I miss you. I miss you in so many ways. I wish you was able to see the woman I have become and the success I made of my life. I wish I could share it with you grandma. To take care of you, the way you took care of me. To feed you meals, to give you a comfortable home to stay in, and loving embrace. I just wish we had more time, to be here together. So, you can see how I can focus on building our relationship to gold. Grandma, I love you.

Who is Silvia?
What do you enjoy?
What makes you different?
What motivates Silvia?
Three words to define you?
Why did you become a therapist?
What does love & light mean?
Why Victory Lap?

Mommy you know I love you..

My mommy is my biggest cheerleader, and support. In all that I do, and have ever done. My mom is there to guide, encourage and motivate me to do my best. I am humbled everyday by how much my mom believes in me. I can't say I would have made it this far, and would be the woman I am without my mother. For a shoulder to cry on, an ear to listen to all my problems and helping me raise all five of my boys. I am forever thankful for a mom who left her home to come stay with me on every weekend for a year to help me with Roman and Razi, while I built my business. Who cooked meals for me and my family while I worked long hours. Who provided lunches. for my summer camps, and came in to work full-time at. Reach and Rise. I am forever thankful, I have a mom who has always been reliable and dependable. Honestly, I could never thank my mommy enough, for being the most amazing mother, friend and grandmother. And I hope I can one day live up to be half the woman, mother and grandmother you are. 

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I get it from my mommy.......

the looks.

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