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Mental Health Counseling Services


WA Camp Esteem offers all clients an initial mental health diagnostic assessment, monthly follow--up assessments, and other evaluation and assessments as required to address treatment needs. Clients receive case management services to provide a holistic treatment approach to address other non-direct therapeutic needs. Clients receive 1 -2 units of individual psychotherapy services, 5 units of group therapy services and at least one unit of family psychotherapy services a week to address mental health needs. 

Educational Enhancement


WA Camp Esteem offers clients 3 hours of education services for 4 days a week utilizing a structured curriculum for age groups 4k to 12th grade. Clients are grouped in small classes with appropriate age groups with an instructor licensed to teach in South Carolina, a teacher's aide and direct support staff. Clients receive educational services in math, reading, writing, science, social studies and Spanish. Weekly field trips are designed to cover topics addressed in the classroom, in addition to clients' participation in a session of current events. 

Recreational Enhancement


WA Camp Esteem offers recreational enrichment services to help clients build social skills, effective communication and mature social development by participating in structured community activities. Activities are conducted weekly with required permission slips from parents and/or legal guardians for client participation. Clients attend activities such as: movies, roller skating, amusement parks, swimming, bowling and much, much more. 

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