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WAC After School Service 2016-2017

Mental Health Counseling Services


WA Counseling Services offers mental health counseling services as the main component to our structured after-school program. Clients will receive one individual, one family, and daily group psychotherapy services. Individual psychotherapy services are focused on clinical diagnosis ranging from behavioral, social, and learning disorders. Client's work one-on-one with a therapist and in collaboration with parents and/or other family members involved in the therapy process. 

Tutoring Services 

WAC After-School program has trained direct care staff to provide clients with homework help, provide instructional materials per grade level and to assist clients in building academic skills. Clients can receive one-on-one academic guidance per subject matter in Math, Reading, Science, Social Studies and more.  

Community Services


Clients participate in community activities to enhance learning and social skills. Clients are able to engage with the community to learn valuable information about where they live and learn to build social skills to understand their cultural environment.

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